Pinned Game Updates Log

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    • Dear players,

      the maintenance is done, game version 16.1.4 is available. All chocolates, roses and socks of past events have been removed as announced.

      Metin2 Team
    • Dear players,

      maintenance is done, Sol is available again. We've made some changes:
      • voting duration changed from 24 hours to 1 hour, which means votings in progress have been canceled if server restarts
      • improved channel- and server stability
      • added limitation to show 100 items at maximum to optimize guild warehouse log

      Metin2 Team
    • Update 16.3.5

      Dear players,

      maintenance is done. With game version 16.3.5 two changes have been made:
      • The medal parts of the currently ongoing quest can be stored in stacks from now on, but are still not dropable.
      • The quest "The gift for Chaegirab" now has a correct level check. Only players with level 17+ can talk to the NPC to start the quest.

      Metin2 Team
    • Windows 10 Anniversary Update Fix

      Dear players,

      today 13:30 CEST we'll deploy a fix for the ongoing issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which doesn't require any maintenance.

      Metin2 Team
    • Dear players,

      maintenance is finished, the event items icecream and medal parts have been removed from game to give you more inventory and storage space.

      Metin2 Team
    • Changelog 18.1

      Dear players,

      Release 18.1 not only sees Easter bunnies hopping around in Metin2, but also introduces a mailing system and the DS set effect. Read up on everything to expect in our change log:


      • Mailing System
      With the mailing system you can now exchange messages, items, Yang and Won with other players. You gain access to this system via the Mailbox NPC in the villages. You can also pick up a Mobile Mailbox in the item shop, leaving you untethered from the NPC and free to access your messages wherever you are.
      • Easter: New Mounts and Costumes
      For expeditions into wonderland we recommend the speedy White Rabbit or the mythical Moon Bunny. Both mounts grant you +15% strength against monsters and carry you through your adventures with +20 movement speed.
      Slip into a Sungura costume and feel like a character from a One Thousand and One Nights. The premium version even grants you up to 3 random bonuses.

      • Set Effect for Dragon Stones
      Create a set of six Dragon Stones of the same grade and receive a set effect bonus. This applies to rare, antique and legendary stones, but not rough or cut.
      • DSS Interface Shortcut
      In future, you can quickly summon up the DSS window with the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C (DSS Sky) and CTRL+V (DSS Earth).


      • Login window: The login window has been adjusted to make room for longer names and terms.
      • Character interface: The window has been changed to make bonus descriptions more legible.
      • Leaders’ Notes: Two additional bosses – the Ochao Lord and Strong Ochao Lord – have been added to the ‘Leaders' Notes’ quest.
      • Guild bank NPC: In order to access the guild bank system, you must now talk to the Guardian of your own kingdom.
      • As a further balancing measure, the Bleeding Attack bonus has been adjusted for all classes. Its application and the total damage it causes is now dependent on the level of the attacking character.
      Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an error which prevented hairstyles from being unequipped after changing gender.
      • Fixed an error which caused certain equipment item texts to appear incorrectly when all bonus or gem slots were occupied.
      • Fixed an error which allowed players to use the Village Travel Ticket in all maps.
      • Fixed an error which allowed the Potion of Wisdom to be deactivated using the storeroom.
      • Introduced a level limit to the group search.
      • Fixed an error which allowed guild skills to be applied outside of the field guild war.
      • Fixed an error which allowed Dragon Stones to be removed by double-clicking them while the Time Elixir is in use.
      • Fixed an error which allowed players to delete a married character.
      • Fixed an error which prevented the DSS activation button from working correctly.

      :!: Note: The Mailing system & guild bank
      feature will be activated separately in an upcoming maintenance - we will inform you on this thread about the activation later on.