Pinned Game Updates Log

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    • Changelog History

      Metin2 Game - 12.5.1 and 12.5.2
      • [Bug] Equiped Items disapearing after one minute - resolved.
      • [Bug] DT - 6th floor - Players got kicked - resolved.
    • Metin2-Game - 12.7

      • [Feature] Costume System
      • [Feature] New Hairstyle System (hairstyle moved to Costume System)
      • [Feature] Vitality System
      • [Feature] Possibility to choose to hide shop names (baloon) in options
    • Metin2 Game 12.8.2

      • [Bugfix] Olympic Event: Event is limited to level 30 and above - Athen/Milon Box can't be put in storage - Medal Fragments can't be put in storage
    • Metin2 Game 12.9

      Dear community,

      today we are implementing game version of 12.9 with several improvements and bugfixes. You may find the detail of new implementations below.
      • [Bugfix] Permanent Hairstyles for Old permanent Male Ninja, Male Shaman, Female Warrior, Female Sura can now be exchanged into costume system item by speaking with the NPC.
      • [Bugfix] Hackshield problems that kicked players out of the game after few minutes have been fixed.
      • [Feature] Apprentice Chest: Our greeting gift for all new characters:the apprentice chest including the beginner set, consisting of weapons and magical potions! Success will be rewarded - for every 10th level you will receive a further chest, packed full with powerful items such asthe new teleportation ring or the potion of wisdom.
      Metin2 team
    • Metin2 Game 12.9 bugfix

      Dear community,

      today we will implement a bugfix version that contains the following bugfix:
      • [Bugfix] Duplicating Permanent Hairstyle - Not possible anymore
      • [Bugfix] General Yonghan appears in Dragon Room - Fixed
      Metin2 Team
    • Metin2 Game 12.9.10

      Dear community,

      today we implemented a bugfix version which contains the following:
      • [Bugfix] Vouchers (100/500 DC) had the wrong color ingame. They should be the same as in the IS. - fixed
      Metin2 Team
    • Metin2 Game 12.10

      Dear community,

      today we will implement Game Version 12.10. Here you can find what's new:

      • [Feature] Gameland - This map will be used to organize events for specific level ranges or specific kingdoms.
      • [Feature] Harvest Festival - This is a recurring event that will happen every last week end of the month starting from 27.10
      • [Feature] New Guild Zone - You will be able to visit the new guildzone (speak with the Teleporter) but you will not have the possibility to build any building. This will be implemented after the merging.
      • [Feature] The Secret of Dark Nation Storyline (10 new quests) - More information here: The Secret of the Dark Nation

      Metin2 Team
    • Metin2 Game 12.11

      Dear Community,

      today we implemented Game Version 12.11. Here you can find what's new:
      • [Feature] [SD3] Quest line to get the key for the new boss room
      • [Bug] players were able to double their characters damage while being polymorphed, having a skill active and then use a white flag – fixed
      • [Fix] Hero's Emblem Quest has been removed

    • Dear community,

      today we will implement some bugfixes for Game Version 12.11. Here you can find what's new:
      • [Feature] Gumsan style dance - a complete new dance which can be used with a emotion mask
      • [Bug] [SD3] loot of the spider baroness is fixed
      • [Bug] [SD3] higher drop chance for teleport ring and new drop "passage ticket"
      • [Bug] [SD3] normal spiders now do the correct damage and grant correct exp
      • [Bug] newly dropped polymorph books are tradeable again

      Metin2 Team
    • Metin2 Game 13.1

      • [Bugfix] Private Shop - Problem with possibility to recheck prices before to open a shop - fixed.

        During this maintenance we will also install the monitoring tools and script that we have been working on with Ymir to monitor the already known stability problems, to find a solution for a permanent fix as soon as possible.
    • Metin2 Game 13.3

      Tomorrow we will have an update maintenance which will last at least for four hours.

      • [Feature] Uncap Level - New level cap = 105
      • [Feature] New high level map: Cape Dragon Fire, Nephrite Bay, Thunder Mountains, Gautama Cliff
      • [Feature] New items: Weapons, Armors, Jewels
      • [Feature] New refinement system
      • [Feature] New Metin Stones: Metin of Gloom, Metin of Ember, Metin of Vanity, Metin of Wrath, Metin of Calamity, Metin of Malice
      • [Feature] New Veins: Vein of Soul Crystal Ore, Vein of Ruby Ore, Vein of Garnet Ore, Vein of Emerald Ore, Vein of Sapphire Ore
      • [Feature] New Monsters and Boss Monsters
      • [Feature] Dragon Soul Alchemy
      • [Feature] Activation of Fire resistance, Wind resistance, Lighting resistance bonus as item bonus and with the Dragon Soul Alchemy and Darkness resistance, Ice resistance and Earth resistance bonus with the Dragon Soul Alchemy
      • [Bugfix] Player can generate multiple dead horse that does not disappear, fixed.
    • Game Version 13.5

      • [Feature Request] [DSS] New DSS system - player will get directly a Cor Draconis (max 10 a day) when he has 10 Dragonstone Shards in the inventory.
      • [Bug] ​Book of the Leader (1h) from apprentice box does not work (fixed)
      • [Bug] Nine tail boss was dropping a chest without function (fixed)
      • [Bug] Trade Bug - when you try to trade items and you do not have enough space in the inventory (fixed). Not fixed in this version.
      • [Feature Request] [New Zone] add new bosses in quest "collect_quest_lv90"