Pinned Game Updates Log

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    • valentines day specials
      from 11th until the 18th of February

      Valentines Package (59 DC)
      - feather of lovers (7 days)
      - emotion mask (15 days)
      - love bracelet
      - earring of love

      changed exchange rate DC -> DM:
      During these 7 days our users will get 10% more DM for their DC. For example something bought for 100 DC, you will get 110 DM.

      from 11th, permanently

      new IS package
      Premium Package (366 DC):
      - experience ring
      - thiefe's glove
      - storage chest
      - lucky gold coin
      ...all with a duration of 30 days.
    • Explanations:
      - [BugFix] hunting quest lvl 84 - 90
      - [BugFix] trade window blocks users restart after they die
      - [BugFix] using "scroll of correction" with wrong items

      graphic update:
      -more trees within the environment, extended the viewing range, enhanced the resolution of the textures for monsters, npcs, buildings, ground and sky

      and with the bug fix, the Scroll of Correction was reactivated in the IS
    • ok, due to some crosses wires, the graphics update was announced for last week, but wasn't activated until today

      so there is

      graphic update:
      -more trees within the environment, extended the viewing range, enhanced the resolution of the textures for monsters, npcs, buildings, ground and sky

      and corum reopened for registrations
    • - [fix] scorpion men mobs missing
      - [fix] people with a stuck level 4 quest could not talk to the weaponsdealer
      - [fix] login safeness of client updated
      - [New:] implementation collect_quest lv92
      - [New:] level 75 weapons drop in the grotto :)
    • coming in the near future
      new mounts in metin:
      players from level 75 can find a drop which enables them to ride the following mobs for a limited time period:
      Warhog, Lion, Wolf and Tiger

      we will give more information when its avilable
    • we will get stage 2 of the hack shield during the day.

      and some website updates:
      - Character deletion code is now sent by email, only one request per 24h
      - Account/Characterdeletion is blocked during unverified emailchange.
    • item shop update:

      fireworks available in the IS during the birthday week

      and it is now not possible to open two item shops at the same time.
      if you have any problems with this (for example, if the error occurs when you are only opening 1 shop, then clear your Internet Explorer Cookies and Cache
      that should solve any problems with it.
    • [New]: onscreen keyboard - dont have to use this, but could help keep your account secure when using public machines ;)
      [New]: New mounts drop
      [Bugfix/New]: Missing boni quest fix - talk to Baek-Go about "The ineffective recipes of the biologist" (for players over level 92 already, you will have to contact support for it)
      [Bugfix]: Hit box bug: when two or more players attack a single mob, only some of them do actual damage.
      [Bugfix]: The Jewels for the level 92 and above quests are now stackable.
      [Bugfix]: To leave the grotto, you now need to talk to the NPC Heuk-Young.
      [Bugfix]: Empire War event will not start
      [Bugfix]: Disconnect on Combo
      [Bugfix]: Players with a 'stuck' Bloodstone quest can resume the quest.
      [Feature]: New GameForge logo in login screen
      [Feature]: you can now trade your mounts at the NPC in the Grotto, if you have mounts that have a higher level than yours.

      * The onscreen keyboard is optional, it provides an extra security for keyloggers and such. But players can still log in the normal way.

      * Players who did not receive their boni for the collect_quests, can now talk to Baek-Go to get it fixed There is a new option when you talk to him, 'The ineffective recipes of the biologist'. After running through the dialogue, all missing quest boni's should be reinstated.
    • Version 8.17 - 24/06/2010

      Version 8.17

      * you can only ask the old lady about your future once per day
      * after talking to the old lady, you cannot talk to other NPC's
      * Female Warriors/ Sura's, Male Shaman / Ninja's did not have any sound when attack from horse.
      * Ring of successor only for characters over level 40
      * OX event: spawn is done randomly on the map and not on 1 location
      * Missing boni from level 85 did not get fixed – will work now
      * level 41Quest 'Peddler inquiry' – its not necessary to open the quest scroll everytime to finish it.
      * Ice witch does not have resistance versus arrows, when attacked by a polymorphed bowninja (ninja's can't farm the ice witch alone anymore / does less damage than before)

      * To mount your horse you use ctrl+g instead of ctrl+h (ctrl+h is still usuable though)
      * Footbal event - when activated, drops footballs in the game which can give you items (similar to the pumpkin event)
      * Item Boxes that drop in the Grotto. Out of these boxes you can get one of the following: bracelets, earrings, necklaces or Itemshop items.

    • Just a short update on the new version that will be rolled out today:
      Due to unforeseen problem with the hackshield and the new horsekeys (ctrl+g) we will not include that in the new update. The rest of the update will still be put online :)

    • Version 8.21 - Itemshop Button!

      Dear Players,

      Tomorrow during the maintenance, we will get the version 8.21 on our servers. It is a small bugfix version, and a nifty little button to open your Itemshop storage from every palce on the server.


      Bugfix: Demon Tower - after breaking the metin on the 4th floor, all other metins will break too.
      Bugfix:Pressing a special character or printscreen makes the client crash and the message ?????? appears
      Bugfix: 'This command does not exist' in the Heavens Cave Keyquest will not show anymore in Fireland.
      Bugfix: NPC chat is no longer censored by the badword list

      Feature: New Button to bypass the warehouse keeper.
      There will be a new button in the inventory screen, that will take you directly to your itemshop storage.

      Please note: the DT bugfix is NOT the bugfix for the 'Time's UP!' Bug!

      Best Regards,

    • Dear Players,

      as always a new update requires you to update your client! Please remember that some operating system will need you to update it with administrator rights. Right click on the 'Patchupdater.exe' in your Metin2 Folder, and chose 'Run as...' and chose 'Administrator'.

      Best Regards,

      Your Metin2 UK Team
    • Dear players,

      Today we are implementing the new version 8.22. This version will include the following:


      Bugfix problems with warping with a wedding ring
      Bugfix: unable to send wisper to people on the same channel, but different maps.

      Bugfix: Level 94 quest, last item for quest reward is implemented.

      Please remember to update your client after every update!

      Best Regards, your Metin2 UK Team
    • Dear players,

      Today we implemented version 8.28
      [Feature] When opening a shop, your called horse will be sent away
      [Bugfix] When a character has more than 1,999,999,999 yang and picks up more
      yang, the character gets a bugged value of yang. With this fix, after relog the
      character will have the old amount.
      [Bugfix] You can't have more than one item in the shop with the price 999.999.99
      to avoid players getting bugged values of yang.
    • Today we will get version 8.29.5


      • [Feature] Easter event implemented, more infos will come soon
      • [Feature] The Dragongodamulett is now tradeable
      • [Bugfix] LVL80 Quest (Fire and Ice) is fixed - The Problem with the wired Windows after changing the map, if you throw the ice into the sea, is fixed. User will get the reward after changing the map next time.