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  • Tombola

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    In GR it was announced that we will not get any Tombola this year (did not specify if it was meant for Winter also)

  • The real abuse is how low the good percentages for everything in the game. Like the upgrade or the enchanting bonuses you get every time. If i continue i will have to write for a very long time.

  • So that is a valid reason ? This player has a very good pc so that he can play with 16 different players at the same time. AND record it too. That means he has more privileges (if he is smart, which he shows is true) than other player. So yeah fair enough ? Really bravo GF. You change yet again something that helped many <<weak>>/or in need of the green changers to make it more difficult to players to do what they have to do, without paying all the time to your high price items in the IS. Bravo …

  • Yes autohunt moves your character with the use of the mouse. That is why it occurs even with autohunt.

  • So you probably have AMD processor. I have this problem since 2013. Has not been fixed until now. Welcome to reality. Only solution is to change your processor. Or stop moving your player with you mouse. Use only your keyboard to move your player. The use of the mouse makes this problem happen.

  • Has the guild leader been selected as a fighter ?

  • Sorry for the doubleposting, i have also a buldozer processor for like 3 years and i have the problem all these years. So do not wait for any fixing :).

  • Buldozer processors have a problem that makes your game (screen) freeze but the game still continues. This can happen when you move your player or attack someone/something while using your mouse. When you do everything with your keyboard you do not have a problem.

  • Yeah right because 1/30 and 1/5 is almost the same so you cannot estimate the success rate at about the percentage. Yeah the rates were estimated BUT there is clearly a difference between the +5-9 for the craft of the 115 lvl armors.

  • So far everything everyone says is wrong. The + for the making of 115 lvl armors DOES MATTER. +5 = 1 every around 30 tries so about 3% success rate. (has been tried in the beta server that opened in the past) +6 = 1 every around 10-15 tries so about 10% success rate. +7 = 1 every around 5 tries so about 20% success rate. Have not tried with +8-9 so cannot tell but by my estimations +8 is about 50% and +9 is sure to NOT BE 100% if you try to make the 115 lvl armor at the Kawuko npc. Also for shoe…

  • Tips & Tricks

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    Go with 2 75-80 lvl players in Devil's Catacomb and farm DSS. In an hour with lucky coin from IS and the third hand (that autopicks yangs) you will earn 4m yang per hour and as many DSS you can.

  • Shuriken=Shiriken It's the same, just incorrect translation. And Shuriken+=Shiriken+ is also the same.

  • Bonsai Details

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    The Bonsai from the merchant has no bonus. It's only for <<show>>.

  • Quote from puneyy: “it has happened in UK before also. In UK they were removed but I have no evidence of it still existing in TR/RO but thats what I have heard at least. Unless they have solved those issues. ” So what are the corrupt items like ? I mean do they have as bonus 10.000 hp or 50% half human ? If you know

  • Quote from puneyy: “Corrupt items made by team members for own gain/sold on black market is what I mean by that. ” Team members you mean GM's ? And if you mean that, how come those items were not taken from the players ?

  • Quote from puneyy: “Another point is that there is still lots of corrupt items in servers like TR and RO, that would ruin servers that have been cleaned after earlier issues. ” What do you mean corrupt items ? Also what i know is that merges between servers of the same community can happen, BUT server merges between different communities is (or at least was in 2012) impossible because each community has different Databases. That is what was told at that time.

  • There is another option, that says something about improving your horse. Press this and you will need to go and kill scorpion and snake archers in dessert.

  • Okey Card drop

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    Quote from Smyth: “I farm at v2 big room as lv 35 , still 60-70 min to get a card set:) Mobs lv 31-33 higher. Funny ” Try with 55 lvl at spider dungeon 3 with capes. 15 max 20 minutes for a card set.

  • New player

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    Try to drop dragon shards and sell them. In they cost 100-200k each.

  • Ward manuals...

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    Quote from Razyal: “Hello all! I think something wrong with my char or the ward skill what i choosed is bugged. I picked up the finger strike ward for my warrior and i read books every day. 0 succsesss! I tryes many books realy, and i tryed everything.. Changeing the time ,tryed only in the morning and at midnight but nothing. The last 10 what i tryed with exo scrolls and concentrated readings failed too. So now i dont know what can i do more... Looks like my char is cursed with a very "badluck"…