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  • Here is another episode were I show how I managed to collect alot of okey cards. I also show when i try to upgrade ALOT of items to +9 Let me know what you think

  • Hi everyone! Here is how I tested how much drop I could get from hunting more than 100 metin stones in map 2 as well as killing bestial archer and bestial specialist. I am using the double drop. Have a happy christmas everyone

  • Hello again! Got great respons from alot of you guys in game, thanks alot This time I tried 1 hour hunting at white oaths and warzone each with dubbel drop to see which place would give most profit. Tried to get upgrade items at White oaths since they are pretty expensive on the market right now. Tried to get lvl 30 wep in warzone. Ofc is 1 hour not enough to prove anything, but it shows a little bit about what to expect.

  • Hi everyone! I found a lack of metin videos to watch online so I decided to create some by myself for everyone to watch Here in my second video I wanted to show beginners what they can expect to get if they decide to make a map 2 hunter. I do this test with dubbel drop to speed things up. In next video I will try another place that people often think is a good place to earn yang! I know 1 hour is not near to show a good representation but it is at…