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  • whats up with the global server (EU)

    charm - - General


    I think it's more than enough of spam here. We do understand that you are all angry at the moment, but it won't help us. Be patient, any news about this problem will be published as soon as we get it.

  • Subtracted from AlKaTraZzZ

    charm - - The personals column


    If you have any proves, please send it to support instead of posting them on forum. PS: Since there are a lot of options of not making riskful trades, you should use them - wons etc. What's more, you should always check with who you really trade, 1lv character with similar nickname as e.g 75lv pretending to be him does not seems trustful. thread closed ~ charm

  • Creed

    charm - - Metin 2 UK Team


    Just don't get too excited May I ask what is your creed, Mr. Creed?