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    Dear players,

    Start: 20.06.2018 14:00
    End: 21.06.2018 14:00

    The Wheel of Destiny is making a return to the item shop!
    It’s all go in Metin2 – test your luck and seize your chance to win today:
    Tons of great prizes are waiting! Spin the fabled wheel and find out what Fortuna has in store for you – if lady luck is smiling, you might even land one of the fabulous jackpot prizes!

    The Wheel of Destiny has an extra challenge in store: by collecting keys, you can unlock all three levels and enjoy even better items from Fortuna’s graces!

    Note: JavaScript must be activated in order to be able to use the wheel. You can do this in your browser settings.

    May fortune favour you!
    The Metin2 Team
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    Ahoy, ye landlubbers!

    All hands on deck! Be among the first to conquer the oceans in Metin2. Take on the action-packed ‘Ship Defence’ instance exclusively on the new server.

    Fight off waves of slippery sea monsters on board a sailing ship, defend the deck with the combined efforts of your team, and defeat the mythical Hydra in a dramatic finale on the high seas!

    Here’s what’s in store:

    •Instance initially available exclusively to players on the new server
    •Epic battle against the three-headed Hydra on the high seas
    •New combat experience: defend the ship against ever tougher waves of enemies
    •Defend the mast: monsters will target the main sail to bring about the ship’s destruction
    •For characters from level 90
    •Only playable as a group
    •Heroes of the nation: as soon as you have defeated the Hydra, the instance will be unlocked for all other servers in your country

    Rally your allies and set sail on the next great adventure!

    The Metin2 Team
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    Dear players,

    We’re opening the doors on a truly unique experience:

    On 22nd June we’re launching Elvedin, a special server giving you a truly unique start to your adventures, more action-packed, tumultuous and epic than ever before!

    Intrepid adventurers will find conditions are ideal for a rapid start to their heroic careers, plus something extra special – the new ‘Ship Defence’ instance, which will initially only be playable exclusively on the new server. Be among the first to conquer the oceans in Metin2!

    Here’s what to expect:

    Events during the first four weeks
    •Double drop chance for all items
    •Flower Power Event: Let the flowers bloom and get great new rewards such as the Book of the Leader+ (100% EXP bonus for groups) or a Metin stone summoning scroll
    •Pomp Ebony Box Drop Event: Pick up handy items perfect for kickstarting your new character’s career
    •EXP Event: Visit the NPC Uriel, get an additional EXP bonus of up to 80% depending on your level, and level up your…
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    Dear players,

    The world cup is in a full swing and today, we are starting a new event tied to it.
    Guess how many goals will be scored during the group stage and the whole server will win extra prizes!
    But do not worry, even if you don't guess correctly, there will be prizes for everybody!

    Metin2 Team.


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    Dear players, Start: 20.06.2018 14:00 End: 21.06.2018 14:00 The Wheel of Destiny is making a return to the item shop! It’s all go in Metin2 – test your luck and seize your chance to win today: Tons of great prizes are…
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    Spamboard initialization failed. Please try again later.
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    spam posts removed for the last time, selling threads are not the place to argue about prices, the thread keeps beeing bumped because you keep going back on forth on if it is overpriced or not if the buyer truly believes it is overpriced, move along or
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    Posted the thread Wts pvp talisman.

    pvp talisman: earth tali+0 10half human resistance, 5 two hand defence break, 3 sword break, 5blackout, 20 fall resistance. Starting price is 15won feel free to offer in game Deathi, here or in private conversation. Thanks.
  • ChaosKhorne -

    Replied to the thread Wts holy sword+7 12str 10hh 5 poison..

    sold, can be closed.
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    Replied to the thread infactiioN's LIST OFFER ME.

    pc for fire tali?
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    Replied to the thread *NEW* PERFECT PETS BY f1ashYYy.

    I have a perfect bashidoo currently lv 30 with 4.2hp, 3 skills and 11days life. Start hp was 1.5%, want to trade for razador+ some yang of yours or an item maybe?