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Searching Items after Merge mit Sol. sPain




Diamond Excellent


Jaqueca LM

Buy copper necklace +9 pvm





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  • iHacK HS -

    Posted the thread Searching Items after Merge mit Sol. sPain.

    WTB Perfect Razador Pet. +10% Tp over LvL 81. Brilliant / Exzell perfect Rubin. Moonstones and Red Zodiac Chests. Silver Okey Chests. Pn Me Here. I pay with Yang / Won / DR
  • ARN0LD -

    Posted the thread htn+9.

    selling htn+9 2k hp , 5crit 3 more ( noobies ) ...I think is excellent for hunting high lvl bosses for mediocre players. Buy now: 9won ( accepting offers close to the above )
  • Jaqueca LM -

    Now follows skilgannon.

  • Jaqueca LM -

    Replied to the thread Diamond Excellent.

    buying also a brilliant/flawless/clear diamond (no bonuses)
  • Jaqueca LM -

    Liked jurrie’s post in the thread Am back, and not sure what to do...

    Like (Post)
    Heya, i just started playing again after some years/months idk exactly. but now i have no clue what to do i got severals accounts but not sure what to do with them ninja lvl 92 Main account weapon sura lvl 75 body war lvl 65 healer lvl 75 archer lvl…
  • nemuritorul0 -

    Posted the thread sell.

    briliant ruby 3.3kkk bad bonus 500x chest goold fish M 7,5KK (EACH M) 20X SILVER OKEY CHEST 18KK EACH 20X NEMERE CHEST 3X OPEN 15KK EACH :rocketlauncher: :missilelauncher: :minigun: :missilelauncher:
  • gustas10 -

    Replied to the thread Buy copper necklace +9 pvm.

  • skilgannon -

    Posted the thread Gold Box, Emotion Mask, Enchant Item+.

    Dear players! On 19.02.2018 from 00:00 untill 23:59 you can find on the item shop DISCOUNT Gold Box 219 165 Enchant Item+ 129 78 Emotion Mask 30D 48 36 Emotion Mask 15D 26 20 your metin2 team
  • JagTiger -

    Replied to the thread GROTTO STUFF FOR WARRIOR.

    Buy List : Light + Devil Helmet (warrior) bracelet with devil and light res. Wooden Shoes and Copper Neck +8-9 if possible bonused ones. Qilin Shoes with 2khp and attack speed / blockout / crit ebony earrings devil + arrow
  • JagTiger -

    Replied to the thread Demon Tower Stuff.

    Bracelet is sold. The others are still for sale