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    Dear players,

    With the onset of autumn, Metin2’s getting a bunch of new features with the release of update 18.4! Discover items and skills for evolvable pets, new Halloween costumes, bonus transfers for Shoulder Sashes and more. Here’s what’s in store:

    New Items: Enchant Pet and Pet Destiny Orb
    Your evolvable pet’s starting stats aren’t set in stone. Using the Enchant Pet item from the shop you can change its bonuses at random. We’ve also divided pets up into 8 different types based on their strength. Using the Pet Destiny Orb, you can find out whether your pet is clumsy, spirited, bold or even prismatic by nature.

    Five New Pet Skills
    The Pet Book Chest now contains 5 more skill books. Teach your evolvable pet the following skills:
    o Master Brewer – increases regeneration from potions
    o Monster Hunter – increases strength against monsters effect
    o Eagle Eyes – increases EXP gain
    o Life Drain – absorb HP from killed monsters
    o Light as a Feather – activates Feather Walk for a…
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    Dear players and fans,

    we are planning to launch 24/7 streaming on Steam. We strongly believe this can be put into reality with your help. The base of every game is the community and Steam is a huge audience where you can present your favorite game. Show the world how you master the challenges, share your expertise and help others to discover Metin2.

    You are streaming in English, play the Steam version and you are interested to take part in this? Great, here are some details we like to know if you contact us:
    • Which days of the week and time frames would be possible for you to stream?
    • Which country and time zone you will be streaming from?
    Please send us a link to your channel together with your message in English to and we well get in touch with you right away!

    Best regards,
    Your Community Manager
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    Dear players!

    Start: 16.10.2018 00:00
    End: 16.10.2018 23:59

    Thief's Glove 30d 89 76
    Thief's Glove 15d 51 44
    Thief's Glove 7d 32 28
    Pet Name Scroll 1 49 20
    Potion of Attack +15 50 4 2
    Third Hand 30d 45 39
    Third Hand 15d 24 21
    Third Hand 7d 13 12
    Experience Ring (30 Days) 30d 199 170
    Experience Ring (15 Days) 15d 114 97
    Experience Ring (7 Days) 7d 61 52
    Lucky Medal 30d 86 74
    Lucky Medal 15d 62 53
    Lucky Medal 7d 36 31

    your metin2 team

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