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    Dear players!

    On 15.03.2018 from 00:00 untill 23:59 you can find on the item shop

    Blessing Scroll 29

    Redistribution - Vitality (VIT) 39 30
    Redistribution - Intelligence (INT) 39 30
    Redistribution - Strength (STR) 39 30
    Redistribution - Dexterity (DEX) 39 30
    Chest of the Lycans (Large) 999 800
    Chest of the Lycans (Small) 449 360
    Body Warrior Chest (Large) 999 800
    Body Warrior Chest (Small) 449 360
    Mental Warrior Chest (Large) 999 800
    Mental Warrior Chest (Small) 449 360
    Blade Ninja Chest (Large) 999 800
    Blade Ninja Chest (Small) 449 360
    Archery Ninja Chest (Large) 999 800
    Archery Ninja Chest (Small) 449 360
    Weaponry Sura Chest (Large) 999 800
    Weaponry Sura Chest (Small) 449 360
    Magic Sura Chest (Large) 999 800
    Magic Sura Chest (Small) 449 360
    Dragon Shaman Chest (Large) 999 800
    Dragon Shaman Chest (Small) 449 360
    Healing Shaman Chest (Large) 999 800
    Healing Shaman Chest (Small) 449 360

    your metin2 team

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    farming 10 hours per day? pretty much no lifer then...
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    farming 10 hours per day? pretty much no lifer then...
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    Excellent Sapphire Full STR Sura DEF Ninja Shaman. Brilliant Onyx 2 bonus Critic Piercing Resist. +6 GDB 10HH 8 Dex. +4 Dragoneer Hood 3 noob bonused.
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    Replied to the thread Upgrade Items Prices.

    50-100k 100k 100k 50-100k 250-400k 250k 50k 50k 50k 100k 100k 100k 200k 100k 300k 100k 200k 700k 50k 750k 100k 200k 250k 100k
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