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    Dear players!

    Start Date: 17.07.2019 00:00
    End Date: 17.07.2019 23:59

    Porphyrean Miracle Chest 35

    List of possible contents:
    Crescent Moon Ring
    Ring of Joy
    Hero's Medal
    Equus Porphyreus
    Nazar Amulet
    Experience Ring +200
    Experience Ring (3h)
    Experience Ring (10h)
    Experience Ring (1h)
    Experience Ring (1h)
    Experience Ring (30min)
    Potion of Ascension (3h)

    your metin2 team
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    Update 19.4 comes to you with a touch of the gods’ own power: enchant your characters with some divine magic with the Aura Outfits and bring new life to pets that have passed with Pet Resurrection!

    Here’s what you can look forward to from 16th July:

    Divine: Aura Outfits
    The Aura Outfits enshroud your character with a divine aura and also strengthens them with the stats from other items. Just like with the Shoulder Sashes, you can transfer stats to the Aura Outfit. You can use the following items for the transfer: bracelets, necklaces, earrings and shields. The Aura Outfits can be improved up to level 250 and modify your appearance by 50 levels each.

    Strong as a Dragon: New Mount & Pet
    The mount Magma Dragon and the pet Minidall are waiting to join you on your adventures! Both companions will soon find their way into the item shop, so keep an eye out!

    Mount: Magma Dragon
    This mighty mount will strike terror in the hearts of every enemy! Magma Dragon flies over the earth, shows…

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    Buy mine, you know you want it
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    Replied to the thread Lion Plate Armor+9 Full+4 & Scale Plate Armor+6 Ful+4.

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    Posted the thread Items for sale.

    Hawk claws +9 31avg 6devil 10orc 10 pierce full +4stones Na+9 1.5khp 30att walue 5abs hp 15twohand 3abs sp An+9 2khp 15arrow 5blackout 6exp 10crit 1 more Phoenix lance +9 36avg (only 2 bonus) full +4 Grudge+9 41avg full bns full +4 stones Wrote…
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    Replied to the thread Trade.

    Ee sold
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    Replied to the thread SELL DHA+9.

    :bump: :bump:
  • CostyZ -

    Posted the thread PC HTN+9 clean and RIB+9 full bns.

    Hello. I want to know prices for this items: 1. HTN+7 , +8 and +9 clean 2. RIB+9 40 avg, -11 skill, 6 mystics, 3 piercing, 20 devil mob,death+4 Thaanks.
  • Gendry -

    Replied to the thread Lion Plate Armor+9 Full+4 & Scale Plate Armor+6 Ful+4.

    Give me an offer, ty
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    Posted the thread Buy Raza/meley type 6 3 skills.

    Buy Raza/meley type 6 3 skills the higher the hp the better :D