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    Dear Community,

    A little Easter quiz for you ^^

    Easter traditions from all over the world

    1. Who brings the Easter eggs in Australia?
    E. kangaroo
    S. marsupial
    G. gerbil
    M. Rabbit

    2. What create the Children in Denmark at Easter?
    U. Fool Letter / Secret Letter
    A. branch with colored ribbons
    O. bunch of flowers
    E. wishlist

    3. When does mute the bells ring in France?
    P. on Good Friday
    A. on Easter Saturday
    R. on Easter Sunday
    S. on Easter Monday

    4. What flies in the sky in Haiti on Good Friday?
    M. Air Balloon
    T. Fireworks
    E. Paper kite
    C. Nothing

    5. What / who will be buried in small tombs in villages in Ireland on Easter Sunday?
    R. herrings
    I. eggs
    H. Rabbits
    E. Grain

    6. In what form is the sweet almond cake "Colomba Pasquale" on the table in Italy?
    F. in the form of a flower
    E. in the form of an apple
    R. in the form of a volcano
    S. in the form of a dove

    7. Who is going to make a lot of noise in the streets of Koratia at Easter?
    T. children
    H. Old…

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