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    Dear players,

    With the current 17.5 release we’re bringing you one of our biggest updates for some time!

    The update opens the doors to the fabled new multi-level dungeon: the Zodiac Temple. Players can enter in groups of up to 8 players, fighting across 40 levels against 12 new bosses whose origins are known only to the stars. Be victorious and you can pick up the brand-new level-dependent loot. The various dungeons are open on different weekdays, or you can play all of them on Sundays.

    On top of the new maps, you can also look forward to some new bonuses. Kit out the new talisman equipment items with damage and resistances.
    To ensure you always have an overview of all your bonuses, in future you’ll be able to see them displayed in a new box in the character window. Check out your damage and defence values, class bonuses and more.

    As if that weren’t enough, we’ve got two new events lined up, the upcoming Halloween event, various bug fixes and new features – full…
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    The update is coming next week on Thursday for our servers. Maintenance might take a bit longer.

    The Changelog for the update is the one that follows:

    - Zodiac Temple
    • Level entry between 20 to 120
    • Dungeon for solo or group of 8
    • 40 floors: 10 minutes for each floor, 5 minutes for bonus floor
    • 12 new bosses; more than 1 boss can appear per floor
    • 5 different maps
    • Different dungeons will open each day, except on Sunday, when ALL dungeons will be available
    • Players can enter by using Animaspheres. These can also be acquired in game 3 times per day
    • If players die during their run, they will be transferred to the first map of the temple
    • If a party member dies, they or their party members have one minute to revive. Otherwise the dead party member will be ported back to the Zodiac Temple map (not the dungeon map).
    • If the group leader dies and is not revived after one minute, another party member will be promoted to group leader.
    • Prisms of Revival can be used…
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    Dear players,

    While the nights are slowly drawing in, the mercury’s falling and the evenings are damp and dismal, there’s no reason to fear! We’re lighting the pumpkins in Metin2 between 27th October (1 PM) and 13th November (1 PM). Come and celebrate a spooktacular Halloween 2017 with thematic items and the exciting Yut Nori minigame:

    Halloween Items
    Make sure you’ve got everything you need to get into the mood for the night of chills and thrills. We’ve got Halloween equipment, a horrifying banner, a spooky loyal pet plus a mount for you to get your hands on. Leave your enemies quaking in their boots with the bonuses the items grant you!

    Whip on your demonic armour, forged in the very fires of hell. Then slip on the matching Horns of Horror and summon your new ghostly companions, Shiver, Snivel and Cruella. Plus go trick or treating on the back of the Lava Cave Lizard.

    Yut Nori Minigame
    One for the goosebumps! Hunt monsters to gather Birch Branches. Craft a Yut Nori Board from…

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