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    Dear players,

    you will have noticed that our forums have been secured in a way that made them inaccessible for you since Friday night. We'd like to apologize for this inconvenience, especially since the forums are our number one method of conveying information to you. However, this was necessary to maintain a high level of security and caution.

    There has been a security issue which needed to be addressed in a quick and reasonable manner which made it necessary to fully restrict access to the involved systems for the time being. Without going into too much detail: there was a - limited - entry point which was used to gather information from 2 of our forums (OGame US and OGame Origin). This entry point has been sealed immediately. It was limited exclusively to the forums mentioned before; all other forums were not affected, however, as an added layer of security we kept all other forums unavailable as well while precise and detailed checks were performed to ensure this entry point is
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    Dear players!

    Start: 19.09.2018 00:00
    End: 19.09.2018 23:59

    Aquarian Blade 49 30D
    Aquarian Dagger 49 30D
    Aquarian Bow 49 30D
    Aquarian Glaive 49 30D
    Aquarian Bell 49 30D
    Aquarian Fan 49 30D
    Aquarian Claws 49 30D
    Aquarian Blade+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Dagger+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Bow+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Glaive+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Bell+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Fan+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Claws+ 99 30D

    your metin2 team

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    BWS 70lw +9 1k hp 10sword 10two hand 15dager 2close combat noob STONES +4 haste, HP, broken offer me here
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    hello i buy: Heaven and Earth Bell +9 pvp Black Clothing/ Baroness Dress pvp lvl 0-61 shamy helmet pvp ee 10hh and defs or hte with 2-3defs offer me stuff here TY :thumbup:
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    guys dont be that greedy :D but a mining event is nothing big, but its fun :)))