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    Dear players!

    Start: 19.01.2019 00:00
    End: 19.01.2019 23:59

    Aquarian Blade 49 30D
    Aquarian Dagger 49 30D
    Aquarian Bow 49 30D
    Aquarian Glaive 49 30D
    Aquarian Bell 49 30D
    Aquarian Fan 49 30D
    Aquarian Claws 49 30D
    Aquarian Blade+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Dagger+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Bow+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Glaive+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Bell+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Fan+ 99 30D
    Aquarian Claws+ 99 30D

    your metin2 team
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    Dear Community,

    A little crossword puzzle for you^^

    *The number next to the 1 is the number 20

    1. Race animal, lvl 16 (Monster)
    2. Eventmonster lvl 60
    3. Race undead, lvl 89 (Monster)
    4. Race half human, lvl 45 (Monster)
    5. Race orc, lvl 106 (Monster)
    6. NPC in Pyungmoo
    7. Race animal, lvl 21 (Monster)
    8. Race half human, lvl 105 (Monster)
    9. Race animal, lvl 103 (Monster)
    10. Race orc, lvl 106 (Monster)
    11. Boss, lvl 108
    12. Race half human, lvl 23 (Monster)
    13. NPC in Joan
    14. Race half human, lvl 110 (Monster)
    15. Boss, lvl 108
    16. Race animal, lvl 30 (Monster)
    17. Race orc, lvl 104 (Monster)
    18. Race devil, lvl 105 (Monster)
    19. Monster, lvl 97
    20. Race half human, lvl 32 (Monster)


    It will be drawn 5 players per server. Each of them will receive a Soulstone as a reward.

    What you have to be aware so that your name can be triggered.
    - your account is not banned
    - you've found the solution word, which was searched? Then send it via mail to

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    I apologize, an important question given the extension of the server I do not know how to do for my pet ... do I have to still shred protein morsels to keep him alive or can he die basya who has reached over 30 days?
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    308 days aged bump
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    available items: boots gold neck lethal 2k 15 50atk and battle shield.
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    people that say quests didn't count, please send a ticket let me know what quest and approx. time you have completed it, i'll start gethering some information on this and, yes, it has to be aticket, it's not to be listed here, i need tickets on this