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Buying Shaman Stuff



Poison+9 43% Average 5 Crit


[Elvedin]Competitions and rewards



dragon rock



Auto-Hunting, Sun/Moon Elixir, Bravery Cape, Peach Flower Wine


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  • quishy -

    Replied to the thread Buying Shaman Stuff.

    Bump. Still looking for Triple Fan +9. Offer goes up to 5 won.
  • fenceboard -

    Posted the thread Poison+9 43% Average 5 Crit.

    I will be selling a Poison Sword+9 43% average with 5% crit and 3 other bonus all nub. All pvm stones, +4 mob/crit/raid. I will set the price at 55 wons or best offer. It will be sold when I hit lvl 105 which will probably be 2 weeks or so. The best…
  • skilgannon -

    Replied to the thread [Elvedin]Competitions and rewards.

    WEEK #7 1st place: MaviSavasci - 10x Magic Stone - 20x Blessing Marble - 20x Enchant Item - 20x Reinforce Item - 2x Ritual Stone 2nd place: LikeAA - 5x Magic Stone - 5x Blessing Marble - 5x Enchant Item - 5x Reinforce Item - 1x Ritual Stone 3rd place:
  • Testreg -

    Replied to the thread dragon rock.

    You need devils, animals, hh and orcs in those maps but you can check the wiki for which bonuses work on which boss but for the noob ones it's enough if you have a good avg wep, a buff and some devils (most of the weak ones need devils I think :D or maybe…
  • skilgannon -

    Posted the thread Auto-Hunting, Sun/Moon Elixir, Bravery Cape, Peach Flower Wine.

    announcement_metin2_it_79c08168dcab9920187b81acc3cccf99.jpg Dear players! Start:17.08.2018 00:00 End: 17.08.2018 23:59 SALE icon_metin2_de_00e9ffeb387e7db12a79c67962d338da.pngAuto-Hunting 49/95 40/76 Duration: 7 Days/15…
  • trenb -

    Posted the thread dragon rock.

    Any tips or suggestions on whats the best way to kill bosses on dragon rock map. What bonuses work?
  • killershadeX -

    Posted the thread Phoenix boots++.

    Helloo Buy Phoenix boots+7 clean or full cump :) :)
  • bossandu123 -

    Replied to the thread LOW LV PVM ITEMS.

    lpa and fan sold
  • Tanarotte -

    Liked skilgannon’s post in the thread Trading glass.

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    usually it's removed if there's issues to be fixed with the item