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    Dear players,
    Welcome to the Flash Auction! The clock is ticking and the price is dropping – strike as soon as the offer hits your desired price. But stocks are limited, so don’t wait too long, or someone else might snatch the last item from under your nose!

    Flash Auction Start:
    --> 20th June 2019 from 6pm CEST to 11pm CEST in the item shop.

    In each auction you have 15 minutes’ time to pick up a rare and valuable item such as Rings of Joy, Orisons, Ellie or Bruce Seal for an amazing price… all depending on how long you dare to wait! The offer price drops automatically at regular intervals until the time expires or the offer is sold out. As soon as you click the ‘Get now’ button, the item’s yours.

    Happy bidding!
    The Metin2 Team
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    Dear players!

    Start: 18.06.2019 00:00
    End: 18.06.2019 23:59

    Powershard Chest 35 DC

    Possible Contents:
    Orison 1
    Orison 2
    Orison 4
    Enchant Item+
    Enchant Item
    Reinforce Item
    Time Spiral (10%)
    Time Spiral (20%)
    Grey fragment 5
    White Fragment 5
    Green Fragment 5
    Yellow Fragment 5
    Blue Fragment 5
    Purple Fragment 5
    Red Fragment 5
    Rainbow Fragment 3
    Lucent Grey fragment (for 30) 3
    Lucent Green fragment (for 75) 3
    Lucent Yellow fragment (for 105) 3
    Small Additive 5
    Medium Additive 5
    Large Additive 2
    Power Additive 2

    your metin2 team
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    Dear Community,

    a little riddle for you^^

    Will you find the 10 pets?


    5 Player /emails will be chosen per server. Each of them will receive a Soulstone as a reward.

    What you have to be aware so that your name can be triggered.
    - your account is not banned
    - you've found the 10 pets, which was searched? Then send it via mail to
    - The mail must be received by 22.06.2019. (only to 11:59 pm)
    - The mail must have the subject line "june + [server name]"

    The content of the message must be:
    ⦁ your name in Metin2 Board
    ⦁ your name InGame (charakter)
    ⦁ Solution (10 names of the pets)

    Good luck

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