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    Dear Community,

    a little riddle for you^^

    Rebus Puzzles

    Number = indicates the position of the searched letter in the name of the shown monster


    5 Player /emails will be chosen per server. Each of them will receive a Soulstone as a reward.

    What you have to be aware so that your name can be triggered.
    - your account is not banned
    - you've found the solution word, which was searched? Then send it via mail to
    - The mail must be received by 22.05.2019. (only to 11:59 pm)
    - The mail must have the subject line "may + [server name]"

    The content of the message must be:
    ⦁ your name in Metin2 Board
    ⦁ your name InGame (charakter)
    ⦁ Solution

    Good luck
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    Dear players!
    Start: 16.05.2019 00:00
    End: 16.05.2019 23:59


    Musketeer Costume 15d 39DR
    Maid Uniform 15d 39DR
    Salsa Suit 15d 39DR
    Salsa Dress 15d 39DR
    Gentleman's Suit 15d 39DR
    Cocktail Dress 15d 39DR
    Musketeer Hairstyle 15d 29DR
    Bogart Fedora 15d 29DR
    Mini Mohawk 15d 29DR
    Flower Hairstyle 15d 29DR
    Salsa Bun 15d 29DR
    Maid Bonnet 15d 29DR
    Musketeer Costume+ 15d 69DR
    Salsa Dress+ 15d 69DR
    Cocktail Dress+ 15d 69DR
    Maid Uniform+ 15d 69DR
    Salsa Suit+ 15d 69DR
    Gentleman's Suit+ 15d 69DR
    Musketeer Hairstyle+ 15d 49DR
    Bogart Fedora+ 15d 49DR
    Mini Mohawk+ 15d 49DR
    Flower Hairstyle+ 15d 49DR
    Salsa Bun+ 15d 49DR
    Maid Bonnet+ 15d 49DR

    your metin2 team

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