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    Searched are the numbers in the yellow boxes

    Among all correct submissions, I will give away the prize:
    20 x 1 Christmas Chest
    15 x 1 Gift (yellow)
    15 x 1 Gift (purple)

    What you have to be aware so that your name can be triggered.
    - your account is not banned
    - you've found the numbers, which was searched? Then send it via mail to []
    - The mail must be received by 31/12/2018. (only to 11:59 pm)
    - The mail must have the subject line "XMAS + [server name]"

    The content of the message must be:
    ⦁ your name in Metin2 Forum
    ⦁ your name InGamename (charakter)
    ⦁ Solution

    Good luck
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    Dear players,
    Welcome to the Flash Auction! The clock is ticking and the price is dropping – strike as soon as the offer hits your desired price. But stocks are limited, so don’t wait too long, or someone else might snatch the last item from under your nose!

    Flash Auction Start:
    --> Friday, 14th December 2018, from 18:00 in the item shop.

    In each auction you have 15 minutes’ time to pick up a rare and valuable item such as Moonstones, Wayne the pet bat, or Life Drain Book for an amazing price… all depending on how long you dare to wait! The offer price drops automatically at regular intervals until the time expires or the offer is sold out. As soon as you click the ‘Get now’ button, the item’s yours.

    Happy bidding!
    The Metin2 Team
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    Dear Players,

    Unfortunately, we discovered critical technical issues related to the in-game channel switch feature. Among other things, it did have a negative impact on the server stability and could cause channel crashes.

    We are aware that this is a very convenient feature that most of you use and appreciate. But we also have to make sure that the servers run smoothly so you can enjoy the game. That’s why we are forced to deactivate the in-game channel switch for the time being. Of course, we are working on bringing the in-game channel switch feature back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any ETA right now.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding. Hopefully, you will still be able to enjoy our Christmas festivities.

    Your Metin team

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happy b-day Huny :*:*:*:*:*:*



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Map 2 good or bad for yang? Killing 100+ metin stones episode






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  • Stefanel123 -

    Replied to the thread happy b-day Huny :*:*:*:*:*:*.

    Quote from Huny: “Quote from Stefanel123: “Happy birthday after 9 years, 246 days, 19 hours and 2 minutes. ” Oh my Gosh .. you are late to say happy birthday, I am late to say thank you :rolleye2: ” You are never late to wish me Happy Birthday :rolleye2:
  • Stefanel123 -

    Liked Huny’s post in the thread happy b-day Huny :*:*:*:*:*:*.

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    Quote from Stefanel123: “Happy birthday after 9 years, 246 days, 19 hours and 2 minutes. ” Oh my Gosh .. you are late to say happy birthday, I am late to say thank you :rolleye2:
  • Reaperess -

    Replied to the thread Item shop.

    Hopefully this event will be repeated and previously announced.
  • Reaperess -

    Replied to the thread Map 2 good or bad for yang? Killing 100+ metin stones episode.

    Congratulations on your efforts. Higher level maps are better in drop Yang and items that you can sell to General Store for much more. Until you get some better skills is alright to use map2.
  • Reaperess -

    Replied to the thread SURA HELM+9.

    I do sell a 21 +9 if you still interested.
  • Reaperess -

    Liked miky30’s post in the thread General Guild Lands.

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    Till now we have plenty information: -event canceled -channels deleted -channel can't swich so guild land is far far far away based on our intel
  • skilgannon -

    Posted the thread Demon Slayer's Chest(f/m).

    announcement_metin2_it_79c08168dcab9920187b81acc3cccf99.jpg Dear players! Start: 16.12.2018 00:00 End: 16.12.2018 23:59 SALE icon_metin2_de_068c30177bf88493646f9a84cd824487.pngDemon Slayer's Chest (f)
  • skilgannon -

    Replied to the thread bug.

    The mission works as it always as worked the spawn is random and rare closed skilgannon
  • Chrysippus -

    Replied to the thread KYANITE CLAWS AND ARMOUR.

    Kyanite claws sold.Thread can be closed!
  • ARN0LD -

    Posted the thread poison sword+9 avg 44 or higher.

    Buying PS+9 44avg or more ( no bleed or poisoning bonus )